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My husband, whose birthday is today, absolutely hates rain. He hated driving home through yesterday’s storm, he hated getting drenched on the way into the house. He will certainly not think much of the fact that his birthday began with a downpour. 

He has a word that he brought with him when he came to the states: bucketing. He’ll look about the window and announce with dismay, “It’s bucketing!”

Some people hate winter’s cold, others dread the raking of leaves that comes in the fall. For some folks nature’s beauty in the spring means prolonged hay fever agony. I loathe heat and humidity with a purple passion. So I don’t know why I keep trying to reason with my husband about rain. He has every right to his own opinion.

Speaking of opinions, you may remember the time I put forward this rather oddball suggestion:

In other food news, I got inordinately excited when I saw a post on the Howard County Eats page about The Rathskeller in Elkridge. Along with their food photos, the poster wrote, “This is a bucket of schnitzel.” 

A bell went off in my head. I remembered a time when I held forth on social media about how more food should come in buckets. If one could get a bucket of chicken, why not a bucket of samosas? Egg rolls? Burritos? Why did more foods not come by the bucket?

Yes, buckets. 

 Photo from webrestaurantstore

Other items that could easily come in buckets: bagels, biscuits, ribs, ravioli, maybe mini muffalettas? 

Well - - stop the presses! - - there’s a new entry for culinary bucket bliss.

Photo from the Biryani Joint

Okay, it’s not Columbia/HoCo. It’s Burtonsville in MoCo but, since it’s buckets, I’m taking note of it. You can indulge in buckets of biryani in five different varieties. 

This trend just might catch on, folks!

In honor of the day, here’s a lovely and quirky birthday story about a boy and his bucket: 

Billy’s Bucket, by Kes Gray & Garry Parsons, as read on Early Years Learning is Fun

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