Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Last Picture Show?


It appears that the Regal UA movie theatre is closing. (That’s the one behind the Snowden shopping area.) I learned this - - big surprise - - from a post on social media.

Regal Cinemas is closing 39 more movie theaters, Jordan Valinksy, CNN, January 2023

“Is yours on the list?” They ask. Well, in January it wasn’t. According to CNN the Maryland locations slated to close were Bowie Stadium 14 in Bowie and Rockville Center Stadium 13 in Rockville. Yet here we are: Snowden Square is closing which leaves Columbia with one movie theatre. 

Horrors! Only one movie theatre! How can Columbia be an award-winning, up-and-coming place to be with only ONE movie theatre?

 I know, it’s hardly like losing a newspaper. And it isn’t as though this means than one can only see one movie until its local run is over. Multiplexes mean you have your choice of “one through infinity” as my sister used to joke. 

But it does mean that everyone in town who wants to see a movie will be descending upon the AMC at the Mall. Do I want all of those establishments at the Mall to get extra business on account of those additional customers? Sure. Do I want to be in that traffic? Not so much.

I don’t go to a ton of movies and since the pandemic it has been less than ever. Perhaps you can blame the financial struggles of the movie theater industry on me. We all make choices on how to spend discretionary income and movies have often felt really expensive to me. Then there’s the added expense of refreshments if you are so inclined. 

My mother always thought of buying snacks at the movies as what she called “highway robbery.” I have found that some folks consider the food and drink as necessary parts of the experience. I distinctly remember my mother teaching me about the markup of candy and so on that made that box of Raisinets so much more expensive at the movies.

Of course my parents grew up during the Great Depression and remembered being able to go to the movies every Saturday and see multiple features all for a dime or a quarter. (I can’t remember.) And don’t get me started on Dish Nights. 

Now it’s your turn. Are you a big fan of seeing new movies in the theatre? Which do you like better, Snowden Square or AMC at the Mall? Do you queue up for candy and popcorn? Does the movie theatre experience mean something special to you?

Do you have favorite place to see movies outside of Columbia/HoCo?

Trivia points will be awarded for memories of the General Cinema in Columbia Town Center near the Bennigans or the Columbia Palace 9 on Centre Park Drive. 

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