Thursday, July 6, 2023

Fireworks, Crabs, and Front Page News

Good morning. This is the first Thursday that there is no e-edition of the Columbia Flier in my inbox. Here is the front page of the Baltimore Sun.

Front page news: people aren’t buying as many crabs as they used to!

Well, alrighty then. 

Closer to home, I wanted to talk a bit about fireworks. Not the official ones at the Lakefront. I’m talking about the rogue pyrotechnics that were going on in my neighborhood Tuesday night. 

Unless operating with an official permit, fireworks displays are illegal in Maryland. (Even sparklers) You would have no idea that this is the case if you had seen some of the impressive sky bursts going up in our area. They’ve never been so elaborate. 

Or so close to our house. 

I feel some guilt here. At the moment I was tickled to enjoy the fireworks from our bedroom window. While lying in bed, no less. But this stuff is still illegal and for good reason. It’s dangerous. People get hurt every year setting off these things. Despite it being both dangerous and illegal, it’s very much a happening thing - - at least where I live. What about in your neighborhood?

In addition, fireworks are extremely stressful to animals and to a variety of humans, too. I wrote about this in 2021.

Letting Go, Village Green/Town², July 5, 2021

Fireworks traumatize ALL animals. They can have panic attacks, become disorientated, anxious, and scared. The booming noises can be terrifying and overwhelming for pets⁠/wildlife - and possibly hazardous or fatal.

We are in FIRE SEASON and seeing record-breaking heatwaves everywhere while experiencing a major drought. Firework sparks can and will result in fires.

People with past trauma related to sound like, people with Complex PTSD, people with autism, and people with other forms of sensitivity to noise are all impacted significantly by the explosions of fireworks. 

Let's create compassionate traditions. - - The Animal Place Facebook Page

What do you think? Have you noticed an uptick in amateur fireworks near where you live? Do you think I’m worrying unnecessarily? Or do you think we have a public safety issue here?

On the other hand, do you agree with the Sun that steamed crabs are front page news?

Let me know.

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