Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Baker's Dozen

After the happenings of yesterday I have no answers. I am left with only questions. So, in no particular order...

What makes Miss Kansas more American than Miss New York?

Why is nobody making snarky comments about those white criminals in Clarksville and Glenelg?

Who are the people behind "Stop Traffic Calmings" on Thunder Hill Road, who appear to desire anonymity?

How many people have signed up so far for Excite Columbia?

Is the new-style Patch any more successful than the original?

What is causing the power outage at Worthington Elementary School?

Why is the State of Maryland going to make our children take the MSA's when they are irrelevant to their current learning experiences?

How can my husband leave the house with an old sofa and come home with a new car?

Is everyone as excited as I am about the return of HowChow?

Is nine-thirty am on a Saturday morning a good time to have a special event?

How many folks know that Saturday is a Ladies Night for shopping fun at The Second Chance Saloon? (6-9 pm, vendors galore!)

Does Kimco really plan to transform its Village Centers into higher density apartments?

Is the freedom to carry a gun worth more than the freedom to be alive in peace?


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