Thursday, September 26, 2013

Find Yourself

There will be signs. I am really excited to see this. There really will be signs. In fact, there are some already. In case you haven't been following my ongoing desire for better signage, the Columbia Patch article is a quick read and includes a photograph, as well.

This is a great example of ideas being submitted through Inspire Columbia and put into action, although I suspect this one has been in the works longer than that. It is heartening to see the two-way communication going on there. If you haven't made your ideas known there, you should. CA is truly listening.

I still hope to see invitational signs where the pathways begin at the street/sidewalk points. "To the Totlots" or "CA Pathway Entrance" would be good. The more we invite, encourage, and support community participation, the stronger our community will be.

Not everyone agrees. A comment on the Patch article states:

What a waste of money and time. Most people have smartphones that map these paths out just fine. And besides why do we want more people on these paths that should be just the domain of those of us who bike and run.

Well! Perhaps we need signs that say "CA Pathways--no walking, ambling, meandering or exploring."


We want more people on these paths because that is what they were intended for, and because it will make the pathways safer for everyone, that's why.

I would like to thank our commenter for one thing, however, because I am reminded that CA has released their own smartphone app for the Pathway System. You can download it here: I already have.

Although, if you see me out walking in the near future, I'll be having fun looking for signs.


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