Friday, September 13, 2013

Heed the Call

The Columbia Association is going to be gathering information from older adults as a part of their Comprehensive Plan for Serving the Older Adult Community. For the purposes of their survey, "older" is defined as 45 years of age and older. From where I am sitting, 45 looks mighty young, but then, it's all in your perspective.

My gut feeling is that we are not nearly concerned enough about the needs and concerns of younger Columbians. I don't fault CA for doing this, but it does worry me a bit. The future of Columbia lies not just in those aged 45 and up.

I was asked at the Candidates' Forum in Oakland Mills if I had a "Senior Agenda."

No, I replied. I have a human agenda. Columbia is only going to work if people of all generations are reaching out a helping hand to each other. We're all in this together.

I worry that some of the proposed changes I see on the horizon are benefiting one demographic at the expense of others. That could be realistic, I suppose. Or it could be the beginning of the end. What do you think?

Now, here's the good thing: if you, like me, are in that 45 and up category, you can pick up that call when it comes. It may say "Mason-Dixon Polling & Research." If you choose to respond, you can choose a view of Columbia that cares about all ages. You can speak to issues of maintaining Open Space and Tot Lots for play and family activities. You can emphasize better transportation, bikeability, walkability, a vibrant downtown. You can be a part of the data that will guide CA as they plan for the future.

However you choose to respond, please make sure that CA hears this: it's not just about us. We care about our children, and our grandchildren, and the future.

So, if they call, pick up the phone, and give CA a piece of your mind. I certainly intend to.



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