Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Road Rage?

Yesterday my neighbor posted the following on Facebook:

SHA ( State Highway Admin) has set up an office in one of the town homes in my neighborhood. How do I know? Because they inconveniently put a sign up in my yard showing where the office is located. So I (inconveniently) moved it since no one knocked at my door to ask. I moved their sign to a more appropriate location by the mail box where it's more visible from the road but I have no clue WHY they are set up in a residential location!

I responded:

That is against the rules of our HOA and the OMCA RAC. I am puzzled.

She then posted a photo:


Later on:

I just spoke with the GENTLEMEN that put the sign up in my yard. He says that they got the house through a Realtor's office & they WILL be operating out of this RESIDENTIAL location. He also asked who moved the sign to which I told him I did & it would have been neighborly if he had asked prior to putting it up.

Hmm...Oakland Mills and, for that matter, Columbia as a whole, has strict rules about what is permissible in a residential area. So does my HOA, Cinnamon Tree at Talbott Springs. Another neighbor, a veteran of multiple stints overseas in the Middle East, was cited for storing his motorcycle directly in front of his house--even though the front of his house faces backward and isn't visible to the street!

We run a tight ship over here. So: the State Highway Administration?

I turned to Twitter:

@macsmom: Why has @MDSHA put a business office in residential neighborhood #OaklandMills? HOA rules forbid this. Perplexed.

@MDSHA: @macsmom acknowledging your tweet. Looking Into the situation. Will get back to you- likely tomorrow. Thank you. -jp

@macsmom: @MDSHA Thank you so much for your prompt response. Really appreciate it.

I have notified the president of my HOA, and the OMCA staff member in charge of RAC decisions. At this point, I am perplexed. My neighbor, understandably, is upset. She now lives directly next door to the State Highway Administration. So, we'll see what happens today. In the meantime, I thought this comment from a Facebook friend was pretty funny:

They can put it next door to me, IF it means my road gets cleared faster this winter.

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