Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Board of Education Recap., 10

Question, "What do you think the job of a Board of Education member is?" Please address the following:

1. What power does the position convey?

2. What is the best use of that power?

3. To whom is the Board of Education member responsible?

Dan Furman

1. Mr. Furman states, "While no board member has individual power per se - the power conveyed to the Board, as a whole, is vast and wide reaching." He goes on to elaborate that the Board has "total and complete authority over the public education system in Howard County."

2. How to best use that power? Elected board members should take actions that benefit Howard County students and citizens, seeking out the opinions of constituents to inform their decisions. Board members should work to form consensus. He begins in the negative, "Board members should not be reactive and constantly wait for staff recommendations..." But goes on to explain, "...they should be more proactive in using their power, especially if decisions are being made at the staff level are inconsistent with the best interest of the county."

3. The Board of Education is responsible to the citizens of Howard County who "have the power to hold them accountable through the election process."

Keywords, or things that stuck in my mind: While Mr. Furman acknowledges that the power of the individual board member lies solely in successful participation in the body as a whole, he goes to great lengths to emphasize the power that this body, by law, may exercise. Keywords to me are forming consensus, proactive, seeking out opinions.

Did he answer the question I asked? Yes.


Where do the Board of Education candidates come from? Here is my quick and dirty infographic to help you get a better picture.


Howard County League of Women Voters

Primary Election Forum:

Board of Education

April 30 from 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Howard County Department of Education

All forums will be broadcast on local television and hosted online throughout the lead up to the Primary Election. GTV: Comcast 99/Verizon 44 HCPSSTV: Comcast 95/Verizon 42



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