Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taking a Breather?

Now that we have four responses in our survey of Board of Education candidates, we appear to be at a natural pausing point as other candidates work on their own answers. I'm going to use this moment to review the question.


Question, "What do you think the job of a Board of Education member is?" Please address the following:

1. What power does the position convey?

2. What is the best use of that power?

3. To whom is the Board of Education member responsible?

(250 word maximum)

Tomorrow I will offer some analysis on the responses received so far. Specifically, I will be looking to see if the respondent actually answered the questioned I posed, and, if so, what their answer is. I chose my question quite carefully. I truly hope candidates will understand that, and address it in a meaningful way.


Apparently candidates have been given a number of surveys to complete from a variety of groups. I really look forward to seeing the results of these. At the moment there is very little information available to the public, which is why I jumped in with a question of my own.


Take a moment today to review the first four posts. Do you think they answered the question? Do their answers make sense to you?


Tune in tomorrow and we'll compare notes.





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