Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Television's Top Stories

MPT--New documentary follows the ups and downs of local politicians Calvin Ball and Reg Avery after they secretly agree to switch jobs after Election Day. This multi-part program covers Dr. Ball's consensus building campaign as he wrestles with OMIA and OMCA. Also of note, Mr. Avery's ambition to "Turn Howard County Red" has some council members seeing red.

HGTV--Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott take on the iconic Patuxent Publishing Building as they make it over as the home of the future Columbia Association President. Local architect Bob Moon makes an appearance describing the history of the building and promoting his Children's Nature Park.

NBC--The producers of The Voice announce an educational initiative in which Howard County Board of Education members and Superintendent will be selected by means of a musical competition. Newly established social media accounts and newly purchased video/sound equipment will be employed to involve the community and encourage voting.

MASN--in an effort to win over Howard County Soccer Moms, MASN introduces a sports competiton right in their wheelhouse: "Get Me to the Game on Time!" Moms will compete in events such as waking up the kids, packing all the equipment and clean uniforms, remembering snacks and drinks, having enough gas in the car, and wrangling younger siblings.

ABC--A new source of revenue for the Columbia Association is this all-improv remake of CA Board Meetings entitled, "Whose Town is it, Anyway?" Highlight: residents attending the Speak Out portion of the show will be paired with CA Board members in a hilarious send-up of local topics where "everything's made up and the votes don't matter."

Fox--On a very special episode of Glee, Rachel loses the lease on her apartment and must start life over again in Columbia as a performer at Toby's. Don't miss breath-taking musical numbers (including the Young Columbians) filmed on location at Toby's, under the People Tree, at the Mall, and at Merriweather.

You can enjoy all of these shows, and more, now that Columbia will be getting its own television network.


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