Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Links

Recaps for Board of Education Responses 1-5 are here.

Recaps for Board of Education Responses 6-9 are here.

I'm not going to name the four who haven't answered yet because it feels wrong to give extra name recognition for late responders. (And because I have already nagged once.)

The HCEA has announced their endorsements for Board of Education. Read about it here.

Blair Ames, new Education Reporter for the Sun, has begun profiles of the Bd of Ed. candidates.

Yesterday, Instructional Facilitator for Music for Howard County Public Schools, Rob White, announced his retirement after 36 years with the county. His staff of music teachers stopped the meeting to give him a long and heartfelt standing ovation. His leadership will be sorely missed. All eyes will be on this space to see the direction of Music and Arts education in hcpss.

Village elections are tomorrow. Vote.


Sometimes it feels like the bad guys are winning. I'm going to try to live today like they're not.


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