Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tasting Menu

A sampling of delicious bloggery from the past week.

From Kirsten Litkowski Coombs, how one bumper sticker makes you think about a lot of things:

Bumper Sticker Politics, Kirstycat's Meow! (and sometimes Growl!)

From Tom Coale, a look at how important it is to allow our heroes to be truly human:

Our MLK, HoCoRising

From Krista Threefoot, a tender and bemused look at what motherhood does to your brain, which reminded me of those months when I became besotted with Magnum, P.I.:

Mom Brain, And Another Thing, Hon

From Eric Freed, probably the best articulation I have ever read of why music education is a crucial part of our children's development and an excellent investment for a healthy, happy life:

Give the Band a Hand, Away from the Things of Man

In closing, I want to note the success of The Pick Me Up Foundation, created to celebrate the memory of Howard County student Aaron Reed.

Instrument Drive Raffle Winner, The Pick Me Up Foundation

Missed the donation? No worries. If you still have an instrument that you want to donate, The Howard County Parents for School Music ECHO Project is holding a pick-up day on January 31st from 9-4 at Mount Hebron High School, during the MS & HS Solo & Ensemble Festival. If you can't make it to the donation day, you can contact HCPSM for a pick up time at your home. (Berni Giroux, Instruments are donated to schools where there is the most student need.


Today is the anniversary of the horrific shooting at The Mall. For this, I have no words.



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