Friday, January 2, 2015

Who's a Dork?

I don't really know who this guy is, but last night he became extremely unpopular on Twitter.

@jimrome: Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?

You can look him up if you want. Not a truly impressive piece of work, this guy. Not surprising that he was taking potshots while live tweeting a game. But perhaps he is the one who is surprised now.

If you are on Twitter, search #JimRome or #JimRomeFacts or #MarchonRome. Band kids, band parents, music teachers and music professionals are pretty ticked off. Some examples:

@CollegeMarching: Hey @jimrome we hope you don't mind 5am rehearsals on your front lawn. #MarchOnRome

@clarinet_jen: Very disappointed with @jimrome and his tweet last night about marching band. Way to insult the entire music education community.

Some folks are calling for him to be censured, and some folks would like to see him fired. Others are demanding an apology. And I'm sure some folks think, "what's the big deal?" or, "don't even dignify his comment with a response." This man has made a career out of this kind of behavior, and he's still getting paid, so apparently it works for him.

But it pays to know who your audience is. I don't think Rome had the slightest idea how many people watch those college bowl games in the hope of getting to see and hear the band show. Sadly, most of the time the networks don't show them anymore. So, the networks are missing the boat, and I guess he takes his cue from them. "It's okay to marginalize the band," he must think. "They're good for an easy joke."

@areveroberle: Enjoying some of these #JimRomeFacts a bit more than I probably should. Don't make the band kids angry. We can use twitter too.

There's a lesson in this. Wonder if Jim Rome and his employers will get it?

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