Friday, January 30, 2015


It's time to announce this week's winners in citizen responsiveness!

On Wednesday, after I wrote a blog post outlining my concerns about the Oakland Mills Village Board and their proposed Sports Complex, I sent some letters.

First, my letter:

Dear __________,


I am taking the liberty of sending you a link to my blog post today because of a sincere concern for the future of my Village, Oakland Mills.




I do not support plans for the development of a Sports Complex in Oakland Mills for several reasons:


  • It is predicated on a desire to displace poor and minority residents and diminish opportunities for affordable housing.


  • It is a poor use of available funds.


  • It detracts from major projects which are vital to the future of Oakland Mills.


This is what I do support:





In a time when Howard County will be making hard decisions about how to best invest in the future within a limited budget, I ask you to focus on the projects which will bring true, meaningful connections to and increased quality of life within my village.


Thank you for your help.




Julia Jackson McCready

Former Oakland Mills Board Member

Oakland Mills Middle School PTA Member

Blogger: Village Green/Town Squared



And, the results are in! Responses, in order of receipt:


Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball

Howard County Councilwoman Mary Kay Sigaty

Maryland State Delegate Shane Pendergrass

Maryland State Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary

Howard Councilwoman Jen Terrasa


All of their responses, though varying in length, spoke directly to my letter--none were canned.


Who has not responded?


Howard County Executive Alan Kittleman

Howard County Councilman Greg Fox

Howard County Councilman Jon Weinstein

Maryland State Delegate Frank Turner

Maryland State Senator Guy Guzzone




The entire Columbia Association Board, plus Milton Matthews.


(Hmm. Maybe I have a bad link to the Columbia Assocation? I'll double check.)


What has been your experience in reaching out to your local elected officials? Is this pretty much par for the course? What can a constituent expect under these circumstances?


I await your response.








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