Saturday, January 17, 2015


Last June I took a mini-van full of seventh grade girls to see The Fault in our Stars at the AMC theater at the Columbia Mall. I gave all of them mini-packets of tissues, just in case. I didn't realize that I would need one for myself.

Around me in the theater the sound of teens crying was actually audible. They cried for young love thwarted by the horror of a disease that cares nothing for the beauty of human existence. But when I cried, quietly, tears sliding down my face in the dark, I cried the tears of a mom. That could be one of my daughters, my heart said to me as I looked at Hazel Grace. What would I do? How could I live if that were one of my children?

I am thinking of that moment today as I write. I am asking you to help out an Oakland Mills family that is living their own version of that story.

From the Oakland Mills is Awesome FB page:

Remember when I said it was a good day to care for your neighbors? And remember that article that said that Columbia is one of the most CARING places to live? Meditate on that a minute and then think of what you can do to help one of our own young people Mai Bird-Walker.

From the Second Chance event page:

Mai, a vivacious 17 yr old senior from Oakland Mills High School, has been diagnosed with follicular carcinoma and with her current insurance being up for renewal this past October the deductible for the new insurance is astronomical! Please help raise money for Mai's cancer support and treatment!

50/50 raffles, 10% of all sales will go to Mai and more!

The Second Chance event is tonight, January 17th, beginning at 5 pm.

If you can't make it, please take a moment to gofundme page and donate. In addition, Mai's mother, Christina Bird-Walker, is selling her original artwork to help the family make ends meet during this financially challenging time.

So there are three different ways you can help: have dinner for a good cause, send a donation, or buy some art. I hope you are able to chip in for this family and their daughter. This could be any one of us. But it isn't. Our children are healthy, and our neighbors need help.

Augustus Waters says, "Apparently, the world is not a wish-granting factory." True. But a community can light a wish-granting fire to warm their neighbors when times get rough, okay?





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