Saturday, April 18, 2015


When I was little I didn't understand all those ads that ran during the evening news for Anacin, Doan's Pills, Rolaids. Now I do. These are products meant to ameliorate the complaints of middle age. And, presumably, it was the middle aged who were watching the news, concerned about the state of the nation and the world, and plagued by various aches and pains.

This morning that would be me. I woke up with neck and shoulders aching and I can't seem to find the right distance between my eyes and the iPad. I want coffee but I don't want to get out of the recliner to make it. A sad state of affairs, I know.

It's no surprise that my mind is filled with things that "just don't make sense." I suppose you could call this the VG/T² "Get Off My Lawn" edition. In no particular order, things that don't make sense:

  • CA Headquarters moving out of Downtown just as Downtown is really taking off.
  • Pioneers who claim to protect the legacy of Rouse trying to displace residents in affordable housing in Oakland Mills.
  • HCPSS spending thousands of dollars to buy an engagement "system" from Gallup, when they could have worked collaboratively with teachers and staff for free. (And earned trust and goodwill at the same time.)
  • Half a block or less of bike lanes painted in on a busy street. I can't wrap my brain around this. Where are the bikes supposed to go? Do they just "poof!" disappear?
  • The County Council has figured out how to have meetings in different Columbia Villages but the CA Board has said they can't?
  • Books-a-Million pulling out of the Columbia Crossing location for a space at the Mall.
  • We still don't have signs at the street entrances to pathways that say, "To the Tot Lots". Are they supposed to be a secret?

I am going to go make coffee and make plans to have an enjoyable Spring day. In the meantime, feel free to post your list of things that "just don't make sense."


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