Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Catching up on goings on at the Board of Education this morning. It looks like they've decided to revisit the Condomgate affair after all this time. In a 5-2 vote, the board has approved the following statement:

It is the responsibility of the Board to set the example of protecting our students from inappropriate language. Therefore we are taking positive steps in order to set the tone for responsible discourse.

So, here goes--no more ketchup, mustard, and or relish for school lunches. Why? Well, the discussion of "condom-ents" could be distressing, especially for younger children, and is really best discussed in the home. Similarly, in Social Studies units, teachers will be instructed to focus on home ownership and rental homes, with no awkward conversations about "condom-iniums."

"We just can't be too careful in providing a wholesome environment for our children," the guidelines explain.

Finally, the Board will no longer participate in any discussion which includes the word "accommodation".

"While the word on its face may not seem to be offensive, the fact is that it makes many members of this Board extremely uncomfortable. This is evidence that we cannot ignore. Accommodation is clearly risky behavior and we need to take a stand at the highest level to prevent the spread of this kind of offensive language."

I tried to get some feedback from the minority votes on this decision, but it appears they're under some kind of gag order. Or maybe they're just not finished rolling on the floor, laughing.







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