Friday, April 10, 2015

One Little Thing

It may be a button pulled off a coat, paint scratches on a door, or a tub of ice cream in the sink. One little unexpected thing that catches the detective's eye in a mystery show can be the undoing of the criminal. We train ourselves to look for that little thing as the camera pans the crime scene. "It was hiding right there in plain sight," says the detective.

On the other hand, sometimes one little thing leaps out in all its incongruity. This is the stuff of humour. A duck, for instance.

This duck turned up in Annapolis last night and was photographed by Dylan Goldberg, who works for State Senator Guy Guzzone. He's been putting in some long hours with the legislature in session. Something about this duck just knocked him for a loop.

Okay guys very funny but who left their duck in the state senate courtyard? He refuses to leave, won't stop quacking, and is obviously very concerned with the budget.

Clearly this duck is somewhere he doesn't belong. And to a young, overworked, (possibly punchy?) staffer, this duck was a much-needed moment of humour. It would have been easy to miss. It was hiding right there in plain sight.

With all the big egos, intense seriousness, and power plays in Maryland politics, thank goodness there are people like Dylan who take the time to savor the incongruity of one single duck. Now, Dylan--could you please make sure that duck gets back home safely? Thanks.


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