Monday, July 6, 2015

A Thousand Words

The photo gallery is labeled "Columbia 4th of July fireworks." If you have access to the Howard County Times/Baltimore Sun online material, go take a look. Nate Pesce is the photographer. They are beautiful.

I've never been to the Lakefront for the fireworks display, but these photographs make me wish I had. Pesce captures the beautiful diversity which is Columbia. In our suburban small town where local arguments often can't get beyond how loud the music is or how many trees are in Symphony Woods, these pictures are a testament to something much, much bigger.

Columbia was always intended to be a place where all are welcome. These photographs bear witness to just how true that is when we get together as a community to celebrate. And on the Fourth of July it feels particularly appropriate to look at these pictures which so clearly illustrate the motto: out of many, one.


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