Thursday, July 16, 2015

Elevators and More Editorials

So for those of you following along at home, we now have two editorials about the veto of the Nutritional Standards Bill for you to choose from. Behind door number one, the HoCo Times version. Behind Door Number Two, the Baltimore Sun response.

1) Kittleman: Nutrition guideline bill "an unnecessary intrusion on personal responsibility and freedom."

2) Kittleman unwise to veto vending machine rules.

Oh, wait. That first one isn't an editorial at all. It's just HoCo Times giving the County Executive free space to write his own editorial. My mistake. That really was thoughtful of them. But, you know, it really looks so much like an editorial. I wonder how many folks who read it thought that it was?

I'm still no closer to understanding the relationship between these two papers, neither of which has brick and mortar HoCo presence, who both share a building in Baltimore City, but somehow maintain two separate editorial boards.

Anyway, yay! An editorial I agree with, woo hoo! (See I told you we all do this.) Nevertheless I found the tone bordered on the unnecessarily snarky and disrespectful, but maybe that's just me. What did you think?

Oh. I promised elevators, didn't I?

About elevators. The motel where we are staying in Lewes doesn't have one. I know--how is this even possible? The motel has three floors and we are staying on the top floor. It's been educational for me to realize how indignant I am that I have to climb stairs. Even after several days my brain fools me into thinking that, when I walk into the hallway, there will be an elevator.

I just "assume" elevators.

The first trip up was nasty. I am not even remotely in good shape. I believe the medical terminology would be "shows signs of significant deconditioning." The stairwell was hot and I got winded after the first flight. I arrived at our room panting. That was Monday.

By the end of our stay I was doing it without getting winded. Still taking a brief pause half way up. But already much improved. It's amazing how a little thing like an elevator can make you think about health and wellness. I'm not sure I would have chosen this place had I known about the stairs. And that would have been a pity, because it's delightful in all other respects, and reasonably priced.

I would definitely stay here again. We'll see if my experience on the stairs has sparked any lasting change in my sedentary lifestyle. And next year I'll truly be put to the test--they're putting in an elevator.


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