Friday, July 17, 2015


Poor guy.

Shapiro described Muehlhauser as someone "who basically doesn't color outside the lines" and is always clean-shaven and impeccably dressed. Muehlhauser lost his brother in a childhood accident, leaving him as his parents' only child. When Muehlhauser took over his family's business, Shapiro said, he was determined to be a success.

You'd think we were talking about the victim of a crime, not a perpetrator. The sentence he received seems indicative of a similar attitude: just 90 days.

Ninety days for:

Kyle C. Muehlhauser in Howard County District Court. Muehlhauser, 37, admitted that he secretly videotaped women using the toilet at the family owned chain's restaurant in Savage.

If I were one of the women whose rights were violated by this man, I'd think that the court doesn't think very much of me. Ninety days? Another example where the white guy gets described as nice and misguided. Another example where the violation of women is minimized.

"People need to know that if you do this, you will be punished," Brooks said.

Ninety days?

Will this judge ever know what it is like to be spied on while using a restroom? Will he experience sexual discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace? Will he walk down the street to catcalls, or be criticized for what he chooses to wear? Will he be groped, propositioned, or be the subject of unwanted sexual attention? Will he fear walking to his car alone at night?

Probably not.

Let's face it. There are days when it's hard not to get the message that our culture thinks that women are just nothing.


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