Monday, July 20, 2015

Points of Interest

So, Google Columbia, Maryland. You'll come up with something like this:

See the entry labeled "Points of Interest"?

Do you see what's listed first?

Now take a look at this comment from the HoCo Times' most recent article about our local outdoor concert venue:

The taxpayers of HC should determine the matter. The venue's managed by the nine thirty promoters out of DC. Let them move it to College Park.

Oh my word. "Let them move it."

I know, I know. Don't read the comments. You're just asking for trouble of you read the comments. This reminded me so much of the angry gentleman who accused me during the Oakland Mills CA Board election of "being against putting a bubble/dome on Merriweather" when that wasn't even an issue in the election.

Cover it up. Turn it down. Close it up. Move it out of town.

No. Just no. While no one individual "Point of Interest" defines who we are as a community, Merriweather is an integral part of who we are. Stop with the nastiness already. No place in Columbia is going to stay the same as it was when you came here. Change is ongoing. And we have to work to be a part of it, or we will be passed by.

I don't want Columbia to be a place that once was alive, but then just--stood still.





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