Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hot Weather Advisory

Advice for what to do in extremely hot weather: drink plenty of fluids, don't over-exert yourself, wear light, breathable clothing, and


Well, after all, I'm a blogger, not a doctor. And there's a party Thursday night and you're invited. If you're a blogger or a blog reader, this is the summer soirée you've been waiting for.

Join us for a #HoCoTogether summer celebration!

Hosted by HoCo bloggers the UK Desperate Housewife USA (Claire McGill), Howard County Moms (Kris Schneider), Life & How to Live It (Mickey Gomez) and Is This Thing On? (Candace Dodson Reed).Four fierce, fun and feisty women who love Howard County have come together to host a summer celebration of HoCo at Portalli’s.All witty, smart and totally HoCo bloggers and their friends are invited (that’s you then!). Laughter, merriment and blog-worthy stories guaranteed.

You can find all the info at Totally HoCo, including the link to sign up for the party. (It's free.)

All four of these women are extremely cool people and if you don't know them yet, now's your chance. In particular, this party is a sort of a blogger send-off for Claire McGill, who will soon be trading in her UK Desperate Housewife status to return home to the UK. Howard County will glow less brilliantly without her.

One last thing. This event is at Portalli's in old Ellicott City. I know from personal experience that they really know how to throw a party--have you seen their awesome rooftop deck? And you'll be able to use Ellicott City's new free wifi* to live-tweet the event and upload your party pics.

So join us, Thursday from 5-7 pm at Portalli's. We'll be drinking plenty of fluids, wearing light, breathable clothing, and we most definitely will not be over-exerting ourselves.

*if outside





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