Saturday, June 16, 2018

Debts and Debtors

When you see certain big name endorsements in political races, it makes you wonder if politics is all about owing people. Years of campaign contributions finally pay off. Political favors returned.

Yes, I’m casting a critical eye here, largely because I don’t like these particular endorsements and I think they are tone deaf when it comes to the needs and mood of the community. But what if I had liked the endorsements? Then would I see it differently?

Perhaps I’d be saying, “They’ve been friends for years,” or, “they always had a good working relationship.” Is it all merely in the eye of the beholder?

I asked my friends this question last night on Facebook, “is politics really just all about owing people?” I got a wide variety of answers. I’m happy to report that not everyone is as jaded as I am right now, although, to be honest, some are moreso. One person made a distinction between politicians and public servants.

In order to get elected, must everyone play the politician card? Does anyone ever play the public servant card and win?

I don’t know. I do know that there are two people out there who I used to admire and respect whose actions have just floored me.

 If politics is all about who you owe, or who you have to thank (H/T Bill Woodcock) then what is owed to constituents? To the voters? When candidates win and go to Annapolis or serve on the County Council, we sometimes see inexplicable, head-scratching votes. Does it all come down to favors called in?

And what happens if well-liked community leaders use their political capital to make bad and/or unpopular endorsements?

I guess we will find out.

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