Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Flea Market Abides

This Saturday is going to be busy. Make sure you start it right by stopping at the Abiding Savior annual Flea Market. All proceeds will benefit Ellicott City flood recovery. My husband and daughter helped with the Great Unpacking last night and my daughter already jumped the gun and bought a book. One that my husband had donated.  

What can I say? People do crazy things at flea markets. You might get carried away and spend a few dollars. I can’t guarantee that you find an item that will make you famous on Antiques Roadshow, but I promise you will meet some really nice people and walk away with a smile on your face.

Get there early, noodle around, find some treasures. Get some delicious treats from the bake sale. (Proceeds to benefit an orphanage in Ghana.) I might bump into you there, since I want to get a jump on my busy day:

Flea Market
What is Opera? at the Chrysalis
Calvin Ball’s Picnic at the Curtis Farm
Maybe even some swing dancing in the evening?

Sheesh! That’s a lot for a devoted homebody. You’d almost think I’m running for something...


That’s just what happens on a Saturday in June when Columbia and Howard County intersect.

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