Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Election Day Musings

There was a bit of pink in the sky this morning. I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw it. Around Howard County there must be plenty of candidates and campaign workers up early to get ready for the day. They’re getting ready for you.

Yes, you. If you haven’t voted in early voting then today is your day. No matter what your party affiliation you have a reason to show up and make your choices today. Independents can vote for Board of Education candidates. So, don’t sit this one out.

Speaking of BOE, I did settle on my four in time for early voting,

Vicky Cutroneo
Bob Glascock
Jen Mallo
Sabina Taj

I hope that all of these folks make it through the primary process and move forward to the General election in November.

Some people truly look forward to this day and the election watching parties that follow. Right now I am weary of the entire primary season and can’t wait for it to be over. This year’s campaign season has brought:

  • Perplexing endorsements by well-known figures for two questionable, but big-money candidates
  • A huge amount of illegally placed signs 
  • Ongoing sign-stealing
  • Weird campaign finance reports
  • Smears and mud-slinging in the District 5 Council Race
  • A bizarre campaign mailer in the 9B State Legislature race 
  • The announcement that, statewide, around 80,000 voters will have to cast provisional ballots due to a screw-up with the DMV

The icing on the cake was the person from another jurisdiction who sent me information she believed to be damaging to to a Howard County candidate in the hopes that I would write about it. Really, folks? Can this primary just be over?

But let’s end it in style, shall we? Vote. Remind your family members to vote. Encourage friends, neighbors, and coworkers to vote. The world is going crazy around us but we have the power to make our voices heard at the polls and that is no small thing. Don’t let that power slip away.

Best wishes to all candidates today who are in for a marathon day. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Thanks for committing to the process.

It’s a tough one.

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