Thursday, June 14, 2018

Part 3, the Aftermath

A few thoughts on yesterday’s post, then I’ll move on.

In reference to my assessment of Danny Mackey:

I am not saying that a person of a particular age is “too young” to hold public office. I am saying that my assessment at present is that Mr. Mackey doesn’t yet have what is needed to be the right person for the BOE at this particular time. That is not at all the same thing.

To the suggestion that my assessment of Robert Glascock is “ageism”:

There’s absolutely no ageism involved here. I was struck by how much he referred to the past in all his answers. Many of the challenges we face are new or enormously heightened since 2008. I’d like to hear him apply his knowledge in a way that acknowledges and addresses that.

In the case of Glascock, Mackey, Miller, and Pena, I’m not saying, “sit down and go home.” I’m saying, “convince me.” I do want a fourth candidate to vote for.

Oh, and I’m firm on my assessment of  Ms. Robinson, thanks.

To the person that complained my post is full of opinion: yes, yes it is. It’s a blog, not a newspaper article. I base my opinions on my research. You results may vary. All I ask is that you educate yourself and you vote.

Early voting starts today!

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