Monday, December 3, 2018

Coming Attractions

I had so much fun visiting Celebration in the Woods on Saturday that I was inspired to have a little fun with the photos I took. So, for my amusement and yours, here is the Celebration in the Woods Advent calendar:


This afternoon new BOE members will be sworn in and the County Executive and County Council members will be sworn in at Howard High School in the evening. That’s a whole lotta swearin’ going on in the HoCo. At the moment my intention is to go to both, but eight hours with preschoolers stands between me and that decision.

We shall see.

I had lunch yesterday with a wise and wonderful friend who probably wouldn’t want me to throw her name around, so I’ll plug the place we ate instead. She encouraged me to try Georgia Grace, which I somehow had never made it to thus far. I loved it and will definitely be back. (I ordered the Gracie. Yum.)

We didn’t get together to talk Old EC but it was hard not to, given the location. There’s so much that is unresolved and so much acrimony to work through and defuse.We stopped several times as we walked up the street after our meal,  looking at buildings that have been slated for removal and trying to fathom what that would mean for EC and whether it would actually do any good. I noted a Flanagan campaign sign still displayed prominently in a shop window.

I’m sure my friend and I are not alone in wondering what comes next.

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