Monday, January 21, 2019


Yesterday I had lunch at the White Oak Tavern with some amazing women I haven’t  seen for a long while. The uniting force was our community involvement in Oakland Mills. We’ve all had varying leadership roles in OMCA. Now we’re busy with other ventures. When a friend reached out to suggest a “reunion” of sorts, everyone said yes.

A shout out to the White Oak Tavern is in order. I don’t think I had ever had an actual sit down meal here, just attended cocktail events a while back. The food I ordered (French toast and bacon) was amazingly good. So was my pre-meal cocktail and my coffee at the end. The service was attentive but not suffocating: smooth and well-timed.

We talked some about Oakland Mills, but mostly about our lives. Children, grandchildren, trips, current job challenges/career shifts, things we’d read recently. For me this was rather like traveling in a foreign land. I don’t do social events much. So I felt more like an observer in some ways than a participant.

As I often feel the older I get: I have much to learn.


A few other shout outs are in order this morning: a big thanks to (honorary) HoCo blogger and dog-mama extraordinaire Mickey Gomez for snapping a photo at Wegman’s for me when I wasn’t able to pin down permission for another one I had spotted on Facebook. That was definitely going above and beyond.

A different sort of shout out to the former local candidate who took a tweet about sexism towards women in politics and 1) made it all about himself and 2) took a potshot at me. Kind of a one-two punch of hubris. I’ll leave it at that.

One last thing: HoCo Pride is sponsoring a Gay Day at Savage Mill next Saturday, January 26th from 4 to 8 pm. Proceeds will help support Howard County’s first ever Pride Celebration on June 29th, 2019. Go here to learn more. 

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