Tuesday, January 29, 2019


If you can, if you get the chance, make sure you marry into a family of storytellers. No amount of wealth or social position can touch the value of even one magical tale. Imagine a lifetime of them. 

As for me, I chose well: bound in marriage to master storytellers of word, image, and song. Their stories have flowed like the wine at Cana - -  on the stage, at dinner, around the fireplace - - one can hardly imagine that their sweetness could have come from ordinary human creatures.

Surely there are other callings some may find more important. But for me a life filled with drama and music and poems and paintings is the closest thing I will ever experience that touches the pure love and joy of whoever created the Universe and made us who we are.

By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, and by his breath the stars came forth.

Stories can live forever if you listen hard and are brave enough to make them your own and share them in your own way. People can live forever if you are brave enough to love them so deeply that it breaks your heart to lose them. Somehow they live on in the pieces, in the memories, the moments you can’t let go.

Once upon a time I knew a prince of stories and now I carry within me the treasures of a thousand kingdoms.

If you have a chance to love a storyteller, don’t let it pass you by. Once you let their stories become a part of you they will change you. And you will change the world by sharing them.

I love you, Sam. Thank you for all of the words you have shared which have helped to shape this beautiful universe.

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