Friday, January 4, 2019

Second Draft

I just deleted my first draft because I’m not sure anyone really wants to hear what I think about football right now.

I had lunch with a friend at Chutney yesterday and it was delightful. Their lunch buffet is varied and delicious, the service was excellent. If only I didn’t have a regular job which generally keeps me away from lunch buffets...

I’m working on a post about the statement by Superindent Martirano about discipline policies. If you have opinions about that, feel free to send me your thoughts. I saw some responses last night on Instagram that troubled me.

It looks like we have two local social media players revving up to be your first source for local news in the New Year. HoCoMoJo and ScottE Blog are running neck and neck on current events. Could it be an outright rivalry? We’ll see. And Elevate Maryland continues to establish itself in the arena of thoughtful commentary of the audio variety. 

If you haven’t read Candace Dodson Reed’s end of year blog post on the most fascinating people in Howard County, you should. There’s a whole host of good people to know on there. One in particular caught my eye.

Richard McCready– I don’t know Richard well though his wife and I run in some of the same circles. I’ve met him once or twice in my previous role with Howard County Government. But I do know this…Richard is known in Howard County for being a music teacher extraordinaire. Every time I turn around, he is being nominated for Music Teacher of the Century! Or best Music Teacher in the Galaxy! Or Music Man Extraordinaire! You can’t help but notice.
On a serious note, his students seem to love him, co-workers seem to admire him, other musicians want to jam with him, and he really does win some dope awards. Keep rockin’, Richard. I see you.   
Lest there be some suspicion, let me clarify that I did not lobby on his behalf. It was a thrill to read this lovely recognition. I won’t say any more other than this: while awards are always awesome, it’s Richard’s creative teaching and relationship-building with students that I admire the most.
Another local musician extraordinaire, DamonForman, played at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage last night as a part of Trio Caliente. Did you catch the live stream? They were excellent. It was exciting to see a HoCo bright light on a national stage.
It’s my last “official” day of Winter Break and I’m going in to work to meet up with my co-teacher and get some work done. Have a great Friday!

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