Saturday, January 19, 2019


Finally someone on Twitter gave voice to something I’ve been thinking for ages:

Scaggsville Maryland is the traffic circle capital of America. Don’t  @ me!

My response:

What is up with that? Somebody went crazy out there with roundabouts.

Other responses:

Yes lawd. 216


For no damn reason.

Well, everything has a reason. I certainly don’t know the reason for this, though. I know I have some readers are are well versed in the local history of such things. I’m hoping they will turn up in the comments to educate me. Was someone running a special for traffic circles, three for a dollar? Was road construction funded by a grant to introduce more traffic circles? 

I can think of a few things that would make getting around Scaggsville/Fulton/Maple Lawn more people-friendly. Am I underestimating the value that these traffic circles have in these locations? Would everything be a mess without them? I guess it is safe to say I don’t truly understand the thought process/planning process that went into the development of this area. 

If you haven’t ever had this particular driving experience, go out and give it a go-round and see for yourself.

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