Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Snow Business

Just when you thought it was a good idea to encourage the youngsters to go out and play in the snow...

Principal Nick Novak of Howard High School was in the lamentable position of having to notify parents that parties as yet unknown had used school property to draw a swastika and a penis in the snow. Yes, really.

I have to be honest, my first thought was: this is a white boy thing. Now, I don’t know this. I could be wrong. It’s just a gut feeling I have based on past experience.

Second thought: drawing an enormous snow penis may be a big joke to some, but swatikas are not a joke. They appear to be having quite the run amongst local “pranksters” and I’d like to see someone truly lay down the law on this. And not the “go to jail only on the weekends” sort of law, either.

Anyone who thinks that using a swastika is all in good fun needs a boatload of education. Anyone who knows its meaning and uses it anyway needs to come to grips with substantial consequences for their actions. Symbols of hate and violence make targeted students feel less safe coming to school. This compromises their ability to get a good education.

And that is a big deal, friends.

As to the need to show off an admiration for male private parts in such a public way, may I just say we’d all be better off if they kept their big **** energy to themselves.

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