Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Honor System

I’m laughing at myself over here this morning. I had a blog post all planned out but as of yet haven’t gotten permission to use a photo that’s essential to the meaning of the post. Having made a big fuss already this week about getting permission for local photos...well...I’m temporarily at an impasse.

So you see where being virtuous gets you. Luckily the post isn’t time-sensitive.

In the meantime, devoted hcpss watchers will enjoy the delicious irony of this announcement in regards to student health and safety. We’ve come a long way since “condom-gate”, haven’t we?

Speaking of change, there’s a new proposed hcpss dress code policy and it’s a vast improvement over the old one. A shoutout to the committee that worked on bringing this all together. I’ll be writing more about this very soon.

At Wilde Lake High School last night County Executive Ball heard from a variety of residents including students as they shared concerns at his latest listening session. I get the impression from several folks who were in attendance that there are some people who don’t think that the two minute time limit for speakers applies to them. Don’t make them bring a big old honking buzzer, folks. Use some self-discipline. If you go over time, some one else doesn’t get to speak. It’s not exactly a victimless crime.

This year’s library fundraiser has begun its annual promos and it looks fun. Just a reminder that everyone can be a library supporter simply by using local libraries and telling friends, neighbors, and colleagues how important they are to you. When was the last time you stopped by?

Have a great Thursday.

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