Sunday, January 27, 2019

Not So

The ten local misconceptions that bug me the most.

I’m just going to admit that I am in a cranky frame of mind and go with it. Here is a random list of local misconceptions that somehow never seem to get completely straightened out in the public consciousness. None of these are true but they keep turning up nonetheless.

1. We pay taxes to CA. (The Columbia Association)

2. There is construction/development going on in Symphony Woods.

3. You buy your children’s school along with your house purchase.

4. Columbia’s beginnings were its halcyon days and they are over.

5. Renters are less valuable to a community than home owners.

6. Newspaper paywalls are some kind of trick to prevent citizens from having access to the news which they deserve by right.

7. Public transportation is for poor people.

8, All developers are evil.

9. All citizen activists are crackpots.

10. Density is always bad.

Some of these are outright false. Some are clearly matters of opinion. If I get it together I’ll speak to each one individually in a future post. In the meantime, what are your candidates for local misconceptions that just drive you nuts?

Post them here.

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