Sunday, April 28, 2019

Columbia in Pictures

I voted in my village election. Did you?

Odds are that you didn’t. Maybe you lost the ballot they mailed out or didn’t have time to vote in person. I was startled to see Harpers Choice offering another option.

Yes, that’s right, the Columbia Association has found a way to make online voting a possibility and Harpers Choice had it. My village board in Oakland Mills apparently took a pass. They’ll be hearing from me on that. Village Elections are teetering on the brink of complete irrelevance in the public consciousness. We should be doing everything we can to connect with residents. 

Yesterday the Inner Arbor Trust hosted Jazz in the Woods at the Chrysalis, featuring jazz ensembles from high schools, middle schools, and the greater community. I was not surprised to see Tweets from various schools touting their students performances. But this one, from a teacher at Howard High School, stood out:

The structural technology of the Chrysalis?  Ooh!

I responded: Chrysalis fan here! Did you teach a lesson on this in Tech Ed? Cool!

Teacher: Thanks! We talked about the Chrysalis in a recent Structural Technology warm up. I hope my dears will see it (& other structures around them) with new eyes 

Speaking of seeing things with new eyes, you would have had to get a quick glimpse of this formidable sculpture before it disappeared from the Internet this week.

Debbie Nix, local celebrator of all things Columbia, spotted this piece on Patch and was quick to share the news. The only problem was that, almost immediately, the piece seemed to have disappeared. HoCo Common Sense blog* has this mystery completely covered for you. I note that not everyone seems happy about this news.

One more thing. Pink snow is over.

*A footnote: HoCo Common Sense is written by Harpers Choice resident Joel Hurewitz. Mr. Hurewitz won a seat on the Harpers Choice Village Board yesterday. Except, he didn’t, because not enough people voted to reach a quorum. 

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