Thursday, April 18, 2019

Love for Grace

Grace’s Law 2.0 will be signed into law today by the Governor. The greatest thing in this world would be if there were no need for this law, and that a beautiful girl named Grace McComas never had to suffer at the hands of vicious cyber bullying, I wish that were the reality.

It is not.

We know from following the local news that cyber bullying is still happening in our schools. We have so much to do to address this. A law that codifies cyber bullying as a crime is only one part of that. Parents must make it their responsibility to be actively involved in teaching their children about responsible and respectful social media use, and to be vigilant in monitoring that use. School administrators must create an atmosphere in which victims and their families can have no doubt that they will be heard and treated fairly.

Christine McComas took an unspeakable loss and worked to create something to make other children safer. She has worked through heartache and persisted despite setbacks and discouragement. I have a feeling that, wherever there is a need for G.R.A.C.E. , (giving respect and compassion to everyone) she will be still be working.

We can join her.

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