Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Two on Two

Monday night I got myself a beer and some lovely salmon toast at Trifecto at the Common Kitchen and settled in for the Elevate Maryland.podcast.

Here’s the beer. The salmon toast disappeared too fast to be photographed.

Monday’s show featured a roundup of the recent Maryland General Assembly session in Annapolis. The guests were Luke Broadwater of the Baltimore Sun and Mileah Kromer of Goucher Polls, who together are the team for the Roughly Speaking: Government Edition Podcast. (“Roughly Speaking: Government Edition”, a partnership between the Baltimore Sun and Goucher College,  ran  during the 90-day Maryland General Assembly session.)

It was a first for Elevate, a podcast team interviewing a podcast team. As meta as that may sound, the actual event ran smoothly, largely due to to a strong sense of collegiality 
amongst all parties, combined with a healthy sense of humor.

I’ve long been a fan of Mr. Broadwater’s work at the Sun, so I was pleased to get the opportunity meet him. I met Ms. Kromer at an earlier Elevate taping at La Palapa in Ellicott City. Both have so much knowledge in their subject areas that one podcast episode couldn’t even scratch the surface. I hope they will be back.

Topics ranged from the passing of Speaker Busch, the political jockeying for his replacement, the minimum wage bill, death with dignity, the styrofoam ban, issues with delegates Lisanti and Jalisi, and more. You can listen here.

I’d be interested in what you think about the window bill they discuss near the end.

Folks aren’t always so tuned in to events outside of their immediate bubble. But state legislatures make decisions that affect all of us. Sometimes those decisions even reach out to have implications in other states. But that’s a topic for an entirely different blog post.

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