Thursday, April 25, 2019


Julia McCready writes from radically left agenda.“

I was a bit startled to read that criticism on a Facebook recently. I’m not sure it’s true, but I’m hardly offended by it. Or, for that matter, afraid of it.

It put me in mind of a theme that ran through many of the late Dennis Lane’s blog posts, that Howard County was in need of “a lefty blogger.”

Since then we’ve actually had a healthy sampling of local bloggers who are left of center. None of them are still blogging regularly. In fact, lots of folks seem to have moved on from regular blogging to other things. Life, Work. Podcasting.

It appears I’ve been left holding the bag in the “lefty blogger” department. I haven’t won anything through merit but rather I appear to be the last one standing. And I’m not even a political blogger.

But radical? 

I think it’s all in who’s doing the name calling. 

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