Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A Monday Thing

It’s getting to be a Monday thing.

 Last night’s Elevate Maryland live podcast taping was a sold out crowd that moved upstairs from the Common Kitchen to Food Plenty due to a larger than usual rush for tickets. The reason? The guest was County Executive Calvin Ball, making his third visit to the show.

Here you see hosts Tom Coale and Candace Dodson Reed doing their last minute show prep. This is serious work.

And here you see them with their guest right before taping started. Not always so serious, eh?

There was so much great stuff in the show last night that I hesitate to even attempt to do a rundown. You should listen for yourself. 

One moment that jumped out to me happened during what is called the “Elevator Speech” part of the program, where Tom and Candace ask certain proscribed questions about books, movies, music, etc. They needed to come up with an entirely new set as Dr. Ball has answered them all before. 

What was the best vacation you have ever taken and why?

It turns out that the best vacation was a special opportunity to travel in Europe (with his entire family? Or just Mrs. Ball?) for a month. 

We went to Paris, Prague...

He reeled off a list of European cities.

And that is where I really learned about...

I leaned forward. Architecture? Cathedrals? Haute cuisine? Romance Languages?


Say what?

I mean, I already knew about wind power and wind turbines and...

Yes, dear reader, I giggled. I may have even guffawed. Here I was picturing something along the lines of a romantic European idyll and - - composting?

This is why you owe it to yourself to listen to this man. Whether or not you think you already know what he is going to say. Because, I assure you, he will surprise you. And this is why: Calvin Ball  is always learning. He’s curious. Combine that with a deep desire to make things better and you’ll have some valuable insight into what makes him tick. (In my opinion, anyway.)

Tom and Candace asked the trademark question: what can we do to Elevate Maryland?

Want to know what the County Executive said?

Be curious. Listenand find out. 

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