Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A Circle of Giving

On Giving Tuesday, here’s a shoutout to the Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County, and their new Executive Director, Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz.The Women’s Giving Circle is celebrating eighteen years of philanthropy in Howard County.

Ms. Beaudoin-Schwartz is well-known both locally and beyond for her work in the field of philanthropy. In addition, she has a long history with the Women’s Giving Circle, most notably as one of its founders.

From their website:

We bring women together to learn about issues impacting women and girls in our community, and pool our dollars to fund programs that address those issues so we can have a greater impact together than we might otherwise have alone.

I reached out to Ms. Beaudoin-Schwartz to find out more about what is happening with the WGC these days. Some highlights:

 1. Impact 2024 is WGC’s new five-year, $500,000 fundraising effort and focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for women in Howard County.

2. The Young Women's Giving Circle has restarted again this year after a several year hiatus. They have decided to collect and distribute feminine products to county residents in need for their inaugural year philanthropic project.

To celebrate their eighteenth birthday, WGC is encouraging gifts of eighteen dollars on this Giving Tuesday. Visit their blog to learn more and to donate. In the past eighteen years the Women’s Giving Circle has raised over one million dollars from over one thousand donors to empower women and girls. You can be a part of their future. To learn more about their mission, go here.

And be sure to send them a birthday gift today.


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