Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Cocktail Party Conversation

I was at a party Sunday (yes, an unlikely occurrence, I know) when the name of Columbia’s founder came up.

“If you say the name of James Rouse three times a Village Center will spring up under your feet,” was one witty suggestion.

I wondered aloud if this could be used to revitalize older Village Centers. It would be extremely helpful.

Later I got an unintended laugh when I asked someone, “Are you from Columbia or Howard County?” Perhaps not everyone makes that distinction the way that I do.

Another topic of discussion Sunday afternoon was who gets to choose how newer buildings with new street names are addressed. For instance, why is the Howard Hughes event space located on Grantchester and not Little Patuxent? Did Howard Hughes decide or the County? Does it have something to do with making buildings easy to find for 911 responders?

And then we were on to maps vs GPS, the unreadability of house numbers, and other such challenges.

I’m not a frequent guest at cocktail parties but it makes sense that I found myself at one filled with other people who are as geeky about Columbia/HoCo as I am.


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