Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Mix it Up

I’m feeling rather topsy turvy this morning as I look through listings of news and local events. Some ideas:

Why don’t we mix things up and have Ugly Gingerbread House contests?

By the same token, let’s have a “bring your own sweater and decorate it for the holidays” events.

How about Breakfast FOR Santa? A community event where folks get together a provide a delicious hot breakfast for all area Santas. Isn’t it time for us to give a little something back to the man in red without asking for anything?

Would a walk-through event with live music ensembles instead of lights work? Maybe not.

Ellicott City has Midnight Madness. Columbia could host Mall Morning Madness, opening at some ungodly hour in the morning for all those crazy early risers. Come in your pajamas! Get a free donut and coffee with your purchase of xx amount from Mall stores!

What with all the focus on STEM these days, perhaps we could have a construct your own Poinsettia Tree challenge.

Do you have any ideas for crazy, mixed up holiday events? I’d love to learn them.


Ice and Fire Festival Advent Calendar 


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