Thursday, January 2, 2020

A News Year Resolution

The Columbia Flier showed up in my box earlier this morning. Perhaps they have resolved to get up a little bit earlier on Thursdays this year. I’m looking forward to taking the time later to read the articles, instead of madly skimming through it for a blog topic. I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but if you don’t subscribe to BaltSun/HoCo times already, I hope you’ll consider it. If we don’t support local news, who will?

The decline of local news all over the country is a news story unto itself. I know you’ve seen me write about it before, and perhaps you are tired of it, but here I go again.

We can’t be informed citizens without it. And when you don’t have informed public the door is open for bad actors to do with government what they will. Aside from that, a lack of reliable information means that you won’t know about things that are really important to you. And then you lose those moments of opportunity where you might chose to get involved.

A challenge for the New Year: support local news. Subscribe, and then read as much of it as you are able. Widen the circle of people who know what’s going on. We often lament when a local restaurant closes that we would have patronized it had we known it was in danger of going under. What would Columbia/HoCo be without any local news coverage?

Are we willing to support it so it won’t go under?

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