Friday, January 3, 2020


Someday I will take the time to find someone knowledgable and have them sit me down and explain the crazy fundraising frenzy that happens before the start of the Maryland Legislative session. It strikes me as being one long progressive dinner where many of the same folks are expected to show up and cough up donations.

I understand the part where politicians are not supposed to be raising money during the session itself. That makes sense. But holding fundraisers directly before the session? Doesn’t that seem like asking folks to purchase favor, or access? It just feels weird to me.

Now I should be clear that I like my elected representatives and would be happy to donate to all of them if I had the financial wherewithal to do so. And I don’t think any of them are selling access. I’m just curious as to how this process evolved. What is the history of it? Is it the best way to do things? Are there any possible improvements we could make?

I’m looking forward to hearing from my Maryland State Government policy wonk friends on this one. Fill me in.

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