Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Coming Soon?

The best restaurant in Columbia, Maryland is one that doesn’t exist: The Magical Soup Company. My friends know I have been pining for such a restaurant for quite some time. Here’s the concept: amazingly good soup, excellent bread. Must have a drive-through or take out option. Soup comes in cups, bowls, or enough to feed your whole family. (Bucket o’ soup?)

Cold weather, rainy weather, gray days, or days when you just need comforting: all are good days for soup. And not soup out of a tin, but delicious, life-changing soup. What Grilled Cheese & Co. has done for the humble grilled cheese sandwich, someone should do for soup. It’s a miracle waiting to happen.

I do see some drawbacks. What about summer, for instance? Who would want hot soup then? Cold soups exist but may have limited appeal. Also, restaurants with too limited a menu range can doom themselves from the start. I’m thinking of a place I read about that just served breakfast cereal. And, of course, not everyone likes soup.

“Let’s go to The Magical Soup Company!”
“I don’t like soup.”

Hmm. Well, if there ever is a Magical Soup Company, HoCoNomNom will let you know what’s up with that. Unless I beat him to it.

I’m eager to hear your pitches for restaurant concepts you’d love to have in Columbia/HoCo. What have you always yearned for? Share your ideas here.

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