Monday, January 13, 2020

New Year, New Goals

Some people make New Year’s resolutions. I agonize every year over choosing a calendar. When will  I find the perfect planner that is just the right size, that is easy to use, appealing,  and helps me transform how I keep track of my life? It’s downright silly when you think about it, because it isn’t the planner that is lacking.

It’s me.

You have to use something consistently for it to work. And, like most New Years resolutions, I start out with good intentions and then gradually stop trying. And then I decide I have failed so I don’t go back to try again. It doesn't matter if the planner had the most perfect layout or the most appealing stickers. I need to change something about myself: Create a habit that I am willing to practice faithfully.

It won’t work unless I do. I need to be willing to keep at it.

I laughed a bit when I saw an ad for Michael’s which invited customers to “Join Our Planner Community.” Apparently there’s a whole industry now for decorating your planner with beautiful color coding and embellishing it with eye catching stickers. And Michael’s wants to give you the social experience of doing this with like minded plan-o-philes. This reminds me of scrapbooking in its heyday. I guess there’s a group for everything.

Speaking of things that won’t work unless we do, here’s an event you’ll want to add to your planner:

Saturday 1/18 10am Savage Branch, Become an engaged citizen in your local community! Learn how you can make a real impact in our democracy with the League of Women Voters of Howard County and Candace Dodson-Reed, activist, co-host of podcast Elevate Maryland, and chief of staff to UMBC's President Hrabowski. Register here.

Getting involved in the community is a habit one has to commit to. It takes practice, just like sticking with any new initiative one takes on. In this case, having a community of like minded citizens is absolutely a plus. And no one wants to sell you stickers or highlighters in order to be a part of it. You just need to bring yourself, and start where ever you are.

Find what motivates you to make a difference, and keep at it.

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