Friday, February 14, 2020

Dual-Purpose and Beyond

Continuing on in the theme of dual-purpose businesses, I’ve got a place for you that’s a hands-down local favorite. It’s a place where you can:

Pick up music and movies
Meet up with friends
Have a snack
Do research
Attend community meetings
Take a class
Get on the Internet
Find tools for household repair
Try out music production
Learn a craft
Borrow toys
Hold a study group
Get passport photos taken
Find tax forms

Dual-purpose? That’s more like multi-purpose, almost omni-purpose. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s your local Howard County Library.

Their annual fundraiser, Evening in the Stacks, is coming up. This year it’s “A Swashbuckling Evening in the Stacks” so I expect they'll be going all out with a pirate theme. Tickets are available here.

Howard County’s signature winter gala, Evening in the Stacks, sets sail on a daring swashbuckling adventure in 2020 that is sure to treat guests to a “yo, ho, ho” good time. Guests will experience specialty rums, signature grogs, fruits de mer, encounters with sea-going characters and creatures, and a treasure trove of entertaining activities throughout the evening. (It’s arrrggggurably the best party in Howard County!)

In case fancy dress affairs are not your thing, or the ticket price is out of your range, you can still support the library by purchasing a raffle ticket. Each branch has their own gift basket, plus there’s a grand prize of a Microsoft Surface Go tablet. Tickets to enter each raffle are just five dollars. Click on this link to see what you could win.

Proceeds from this event help our multi-purpose library system facilitate programs like:

  • Author Events
  • Battle of the Books
  • Project Literacy
  • Summer Reading

Stop by your local branch this weekend and sample some of what they have to offer.

Now, if they could just add a laundromat...

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