Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Time to Improve

There’s a debate in town about the school system budget. Some say it is important for HCPSS to ask for what they truly need. Others say the Board of Education must be responsible in what they request from the county. One thing we know: if they don’t get the funds that are actually needed, they must make cuts.

I had another thought. What if we applied the “Improve, Don’t Move” slogan to the school budgeting process? Meet the needs of those schools first. Then use what is left over on the more affluent schools. Perhaps that would be a strong motivator for some to advocate for increased school funding from the county.

Of course, I don’t believe that the process of redistricting was ever about throwing wealth at the “poor” schools. You can read my earlier blog posts to see that. But, since we find ourselves in this funding predicament, why don’t we see how far our funds will go if we meet the needs of those schools deemed “unacceptable “ first.

You might say the organized opposition to redistricting has given us the blueprint to do just that.

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