Monday, February 24, 2020

The Home Place

Friday night I was on my own for dinner and I headed straight from work to The Second Chance Saloon in Oakland Mills. It was nearing six when I arrived and there was a nice after-work, beginning-to-be-dinner crowd on hand.

I haven’t been hanging out at the Second Chance of late because I have gradually realized that I just can’t metabolize those delightful beers as well as I used to. Gone are the days when I could sidle into a seat at a table on the bar side and enjoy one or two “Dogfish 60 minute” and still be functional the next day. I’ve been a little sad about that.

But you just can’t stay away from your home place forever, and dinner was calling. I bypassed my usual - - the chicken cheesesteak with marinara on the side - - and went for a pizza burger. I felt a craving for beef. It was delicious.

I have long since gotten over my trepidation at being a woman alone in a restaurant, especially since the advent of tablets and smart phones give anyone a built in dining companion. I enjoyed my burger and some people watching and I didn’t even need a beer to have a good time. Imagine that.

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